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Top 10 Best Places To See Kangaroos in Australia

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Kangaroo is the largest animal species that hop as it has a large tail and long feet. This mechanism for movement is highly energy efficient as the kangaroos have to travel long distances to search for food and water.

The one main thing that you may not know about kangaroos is that they are the finest swimmers, and their swimming mechanism is well developed to avoid predators.

Whenever the word Australia comes into your mind, you expect to interact and see the kangaroos, and you are not wrong. Australia is a beautiful country and has lots of natural beauty. It is the hub for kangaroos, and you can expect them in zoos, parks, and golf clubs.

There are several species of kangaroos that you can explore while in Australia, such as the red Kangaroo, tree kangaroo, and wallaroo kangaroo. All of them are beautiful in their own way. They are highly unpredictable, and thus, be careful while you interact with them as they can sometimes inflict severe damage.


Tips Before Interacting With The Kangaroos

Here are some valuable tips and advice for you when you get a chance to interact with the kangaroos:

  • Drive carefully in the national parks, forests, and other areas where they are kangaroos.
  • Don’t go near the wild kangaroos. They appear friendly and approachable, but that’s not the case. They can cause severe injury to you, thus standing at least 1 meter away from them.
  • If the kangaroos are not in a good mood, we suggest you move away from them slowly. Running by turning your back can be dangerous and signify being vulnerable.
  • The best time to see the Kangaroos is during the sun rise and sun set as they are hyperactive during this time for the food search.
  • These creatures are highly possessive about their young ones and thus don’t try to touch them no matter how cute they look, as you can land yourself in real trouble.


Top Places To See Kangaroos in Australia

Blue Mountains

If you are in Sydney and craving to see different species of kangaroos, then there is no better place than Blue Mountain. The site is located half hour away from the center of the city.

Blue Mountain is a famous tourist spot in Australia, and you want to make the most out of your experience by interacting with the kangaroos. If you want to make sure you get to see these elegant Kangaroos, the best time to visit the blue mountain is between dusk and dawn.

These species of kangaroos rarely exist in the mountains and prefer to remain in quiet and plain places such as forests. Plus, you can explore a wide range of species and wildlife here.

There are various campsites available on the mountain where you can stay and enjoy a picnic with your friends or your own company in nature.

Blue Mountain


Gisborne Golf Club

As we discussed earlier, the Kangaroos love huge spaces the best place to see these kangaroos are golf club in Melbourne, and head to the golf club, where there are maximum chances to see the Kangaroos.

If you love to play golf, then this place is perfect for you as it has 18 holes, and after you’re tired of playing in the golf club, you can see eastern kangaroos in the evening as the Gisborne Golf Club is home to almost 200 eastern kangaroos.

The golf club is open to the public on specific days: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. We suggest you look at their website and cross-check the days available for the crowd before going, as they can vary. 


Jervis Bay National Park

Jervis Bay is not the only place to explore the kangaroos; you can also enjoy its numerous beaches. The captivating beaches of Australia are perfect for waiving off the head and enjoying the water activities, but you can’t expect to see the Kangaroos here.

The kangaroos are present in groups in the golf clubs. We suggest you choose your accommodation near the golf clubs as there are many chances you will see the Kangaroos multiple times as they love the open and wide spaces.

Other places apart from the golf clubs to see these giant creatures are the Jervis Bay area, and there are several campsites here where you can camp and see the Kangaroos at dusk and dawn. While in Jervis Bay, the best place to go is Booderee National Park, where you can see other wild animals if you are tired of kangaroos.

Jervis Bay National Park


Ballarat Wildlife Park

The Ballarat Wildlife Park is located 90 minutes away from Melbourne. As the name indicates, the Ballarat Wildlife Park is the home to wildlife. As soon as you enter the park premises, you will be surrounded by the kangaroos, unlike other places where there are specific times where you can get the chance to see them.

The kangaroos are present in different sizes, and they’re not in the wild. You and type can get the chance to feed them. You get charged for interacting with the wildlife in the park, but you can interact with the kangaroos without any fee as they are abundant here.

The best part of this park is that you can spend a whole day here, and the Ballarat Wildlife Park is perfect to be visited along with the family.

The must-visit places are sovereign hill, an outdoor museum that is great to visit by kids, and many events are held throughout the year. If any event happens during your visit, you must join the possibility to have the maximum fun and experience.


Cape Le Grand National Park

If you are in Western Australia, the best place to see the Kangaroos is Carpe Le Grand National Park, home to some fantastic kangaroos. The Kangaroos like to inhabit large and quiet areas such as forests and golf clubs, but you can see a unique site here. Kangaroos surround the beaches in the parks.

The Cape Le Grand is home to western grey kangaroos, which are smaller than the eastern grey kangaroos, mostly found on the east side of Australia.

The entry ticket to the park is quite affordable, that is 13$ per vehicle, and you can enjoy your day at the beach by water sports and interacting with these kangaroos by feeding them.

Cape Le Grand National Park


Cape Hillsborough National Park

If you’re in Queensland and craving to see and interact with the kangaroos, then head to the Capes Hillsborough National Park. Cape Hillsborough is a famous place to visit and interact with the kangaroos by feeding them.

The park has become very well-known in recent years as the beach at sunrise with kangaroos roaming around for food displays breathtaking scenery. The national park is perfect for taking fantastic photographs of the morning.

The Kangaroos are wild, and when the place wasn’t so famous, the kangaroos used to come out at dawn to look for food, but now things have changed drastically. Many visitors now come to the park and feed these kangaroos; thus, they are always present on the beaches.


Narawntapu National Park

If you’re in Tassie, the best place to see and Interact with the Kangaroos is the Narawntapu National Park. It is a famous tourist spot in Tassie to explore the kangaroos.

As mentioned earlier, the kangaroos come at dusk and dawn time or at night to search for food. The kangaroos are wild, and we suggest you keep a distance from them. The Kangaroo species found in the Narawntapu Park are forester kangaroos.

Apart from the Kangaroos, the park is home to several species and birds, mainly consisting of extensive plains. The park offers several campsites to camp in the middle of the wilderness. The park’s beautiful scenery leaves a long-lasting impression on your mind, and you must visit it if you are in Tasmania.

Narawntapu National Park


Murramarang National Park

Another great place to see the Kangaroos is the Murramang National Park, a great place to spot the Kangaroos at the beach. The Kangaroos come to the beach at dawn or dusk to look for food.

The best part of this park is that you get the chance to have maximum fun as there are several other activities you can do here such as the park is famous for its beaches, and you can go swimming, surfing and fishing in them.

The Murramang National Park is home to beautiful eastern grey kangaroos, which are slightly larger than the Western Grey Kangaroos but are a bit wild, and we suggest you stay 10 feet away from them for your safety. The entry ticket to the national park is 8$, and the place is perfect for having a day full of fun.


Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is among the hidden gems of Australia. The Kangaroos Island is separated from the ocean and is home to rare species of Australia, and if you are tired of the city life, then this place is made for you if you want to sit back and relax while watching and interacting with the kangaroos.

The site isn’t only perfect for interaction with the Kangaroos but with other animals, such as rabbits and koalas.

In addition, Kangaroo Island is home to various bird species and penguins, and you can do bird watching here. Numerous accommodations are available on here, where you can stay in nature away from the people.

Several wildlife events are held to protect and conserve the species inhabiting this place. You can join one of them if the events happen during your visit.

Kangaroo Island


Green Ocean Road

The Green Ocean Road is located between west Melbourne and terminates at Allansford. The Green Ocean Road is the perfect place to see the Kangaroos while having a long drive. But be sure to drive carefully; otherwise, it can lead to chaos for both the kangaroos and yourself.

The Kangaroos can be seen hopping in the leading golf courses and forests, presenting breathtaking scenery. If you want to see these Kangaroos at the beach, you can head to Bells Beach.

Besides, you can get the chance to enjoy other activities as well, such as interacting with the other wildlife and staying at the hot spring hotel where you can remain in a bath in the hot spring.


So that’s all about the places in Australia where you can spot and see the great variety of Kangaroos species. Some of the kangaroos are wild, and some are friendly. You can interact with the kangaroos by feeding them.

The trip to Australia is incomplete without seeing and interacting with the kangaroos. Depending on your location, you can visit at least one of these places to see these beautiful creatures.


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