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7 Top Things You Must See In Greenwich

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Greenwich is a borough in London, England, located on the banks of the River Thames in South London and is just minutes from Central London. It’s home to historical and classical landmarks. Discover Greenwich restaurants, heritage sites, fantastic attractions, top shopping spots, and spectacular scenery can all be found in this lovely riverside setting.

Greenwich is where you want to experience fascinating English artistic and scientific and stunning architecture. Plus, it is famous for the spot where the Prime Meridian is located, the starting point for calculating east-west distances around the Earth.

It’s easy to visit Greenwich, where it’s very well connected by public transport through trains, buses, cable cars, and even open river cruises. There is no excuse for you not to explore this fantastic place.

It’s a must-see for any visitor and a great place to explore over a weekend to give a memorable visit. Let’s take a look at the top things you must see in Greenwich. 


National Maritime Museum

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is a publicly funded national museum that can be found in the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site. It’s the world’s largest museum of its kind to learn about maritime history.

This was officially established in 1934 and offered different exhibitions and attractions such as the replica of Nelson’s Ship by Yinka Shonibare, JMW Turner’s largest artwork entitled “The Battle of Trafalgar,” and so much more.

As they say, the best things in life are for free – including the entrance to this museum. However, advanced booking is recommended, and special exhibitions may require a paid entry ticket. The museum can be easily accessed, as it is a few minutes away from Central London.

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Cutty Sark Greenwich

Cutty Sark Greenwich

Credit: Elliott Brown (Flickr)

Feel like you’re traveling back in time by visiting the Cutty Sark. It is the only remaining tea clipper in the world that was built in 1869, and it is used for the tea trade with China.

Whenever visiting this attraction, connect your smartphone with the ship’s Wi-Fi and scan the QR code at the entrance for the free audio tour. There are exciting activities to do on the ship, such as the Rig Climb Experience and walking through the main deck to have that nostalgic feeling.

The Cutty Sark is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm, but always refer to the Royal Museums Greenwich for the updated timings. The entrance fee starts at 8 GBP for children and 16 GBP for adults. (Buy Ticket and Check Opening Hours)

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Royal Observatory Greenwich

Royal Observatory Greenwich

Credit: Paul Wilkinson (Flickr)

Located on a hill in Greenwich Park, The Royal Observatory Greenwich is famous for having the Prime Meridian that gave the name for the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The location gave important information for astronomy and navigation, as it is the starting point of the east and the west on the world map. London’s Planetarium can be found here too, where it houses The Great Equatorial Telescope that was installed in 1893. It is one of the largest Telescopes in the UK.

If you are planning to visit the Royal Observatory as well as the Cutty Sark, it is recommended to buy the Royal Museums Greenwich Day Pass. The price starts at 25 GBP for adults to access both attractions. Tickets for the Planetarium are booked separately.

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Queen’s House

Queen house

From the name itself, the Queen House is a former formal royal residence in the 1600s. It is also considered one of the most important buildings in British history. 

The building now houses some of the valuable and iconic artworks of the United Kingdom, including some contemporary pieces from around the world. In the same location, climb the iconic and self-supporting Tulip Stairs, or just gaze at the beautifully painted ceilings and their wonderful view on the outside.

Like in Cutty Sark, an audio tour will provide a more immersive experience. Entrance is for free, but you must secure a timed entry ticket for easier access.

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Greenwich Park

Greenwich park

Greenwich Park is the oldest and the most historic enclosed Royal Park, which can be found at the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site.

Consider as one of the beautiful parks in London that houses plenty of attractions, such as the National Maritime Museum, The Royal Observatory, Prime Meridian Line, The Flower Garden, and an Orchard.

It is suggested to visit in spring, to appreciate the orchard where the fruit trees and rose garden are blooming in these months. Greenwich Park was also used for the Equestrian events in the 2012 Olympic Games.

It is open starting from 6:00 am for pedestrians, and 7:00 am for car parking, with various closing times depending on the month you are visiting. It can be reached through the car, train, tube, the Docklands Light Railway, bus, and riverboat.

Climb the hill outside The Royal Observatory to enjoy the panoramic scenery of the city.

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Old Royal Naval College

Old Royal Naval College

Considered an architectural centerpiece, the Old Royal Naval College is located at Maritime Greenwich, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is one of the must-see tourist attractions whenever visiting London, as it is an architectural wonder while being a historical landmark. Beautiful buildings on an iconic site. Plenty of photo opportunities and easy access.

The Painted Hall, which is inside the Old Royal Naval College, has more than 40,000 square feet of baroque interior from the British artist Sir James Thornhill. It is also known as the “Britain’s Sistine Chapel,” completed in 1726. It is well worth the cost of the entrance fee to see this beautiful place. Tickets and packages are available starting from 13.50 GBP and 12.50 GBP if you buy online.

As of writing, they have promotions every first Sunday of the month where adult tickets are only 5 GBP, for 16 and under can enter for free.

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Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market London

Credit: Daniel Case (Wikimedia Commons)

From antiques, fashion items, crafts, and food options, Greenwich Market is one of the best markets in London you need to visit. This historical market is famous for its independent establishments, where it showcases the best of Local British goods.

Cafes, food stalls, and restaurants offer international cuisine, including for those with dietary restrictions such as vegan and gluten-free choices. It is suggested to visit the market’s official website for various events and the available schedules for the seasonal night market.

The Greenwich Market is open seven days a week from 10 am to 5:30 pm. It is located in the Greenwich Town Centre, which is 8 minutes away from the London Bridge Station and could be accessed from other transportation options.

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Even if historical tours are not your thing, you’ll surely be interested in the sights and attractions offered by Greenwich. Marvel at the beauty of the town’s UNESCO World Heritage Site while enjoying a day with your friends or family.

Aside from being a lovely place to have a day tour, there are also special events to enjoy the night in the area. Rest assured, visiting this place will make you appreciate the British culture.

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