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Places To See For The Best Views in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is located in New England and is among the most populous region in the United States.

When the word Massachusetts comes in it into your mind, you can think about all the amusement and fun. The state is full of historic places and is a heaven for history lovers.

If you are a nature and seafood lover, then this place is simply heaven for you. There are many restaurants where you can try out the delicious seafood.

Plus, the state is best if you want to see some fantastic views. If you are confused about where to go to enjoy the picturesque views, we have shortlisted the best places to visit for the best views in Massachusetts.


Castle Hill, Crane Estate

Castle Hill, Crane Estate

If you want to see the best views and landscape, head to Castle Hill. It is located within the premises of the Crane State, which is stretched along with the land of 2100 acres.

Castel hill is turned into a historical landmark, and it is surrounded by picnic spots and different events are held here throughout the year. If any event happens during your trip to castle hill, we suggest you join one.

The castle is surrounded by footpaths and is full of historical buildings, gardens, and natural habitats where you can enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery of nature. 

This place is great to be visited with the family, and apart from enjoying the picturesque scenes, you can enjoy a picnic in the heart of it. 

Make sure to plan your visit according to the opening days of the place.


Plum Island

Plum Island

Plum Island is one of the famous islands and is among the famous tourist spot in MA. Plum Island is the hub of many fun and entertaining activities, and you can visit this place with your family as the island offers activities for people of all ages.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful views, then we suggest you rent a beachfront cottage where you can stay for a day and enjoy the beautiful views of nature at dawn or dusk time.
The famous beach of Plum Island is Plum Island Beach, where you can enjoy many activities such as swimming and sunbathing.

Another popular place to enjoy the picturesque views is Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, the nesting hub for migrating birds. The park is closed during the nesting season. Thus be sure to visit Plum Island when the nesting season is over.

The famous activity at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge is bird watching. The amazing views of the birds are appealing to the eyes. If you want to explore the more breathtaking scenes, then we suggest you go hiking on the trails built across the park with your binoculars.




Berkshires is located on the western side of the MA and is a famous tourist spot. It has to offer everything a traveler can offer, such as amazing views of nature, food that can satisfy your taste buds, and a bunch of exciting activities. The list of activities is why it is visited by travelers every year.

If you are specifically looking for beautiful views, then head to Mount Greylock, which is 3500 feet in height, making it the highest peak in the state.

To enjoy the breathtaking views of nature, we suggest you go hiking through the mountain trails. The most exciting part about the Mountain Greylock is that the Veteran War Memorial Tower is located on the summit, and you can pay a visit here. This tower is great for enjoying the unnatural scenes of nature.

This isn’t over yet. Berkshire is home to several lakes, and the lake you must visit is Pontoosuc Lake, the finest among all to enjoy the scenic views of the lakes.

Apart from the views, you can enjoy several fun activities such as swimming, kayaking or other water activities.




Plymouth is another best place to enjoy the breathtaking views and relax in the fresh air of the region. The place is the best to be visited along with the family as it has to offer something for every age.

The place was the home to Native Americans and European settlers. The region has many historical places to offer if you are a history lover, then the place is heaven for you. There are many scenic museums in the place which are worth visiting.

The historical place that you must explore while in Plymouth is the Plimoth Patuxet Museum. There are many historical places you can see, and they are many activities to do here as well.

Be sure to visit Plymouth Rock, where the pilgrims first landed when they discovered the place in 1620.

The trip to Plymouth is incomplete without visiting the Pilgrim Hall Museum, which is among the oldest museums in America and gives the best views of the pilgrim’s possessions and displays the picture of how these pilgrims arrived at the place.


Martha’s Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard

When we think about that place, the only thing that comes to mind is beautiful views of the beaches and lighthouses, but that’s not all Martha’s Vineyard has to offer.

You can do many other activities here, such as enjoying the seafood and the fun activities on the beaches.

The best place to enjoy the views is its beaches and the lighthouses. The lighthouses add beauty to the island, although the purpose of building this lighthouse is to warn of dangerous shallows and perilous rocky coasts.

There are five lighthouses on the island, but the best one to visit among all is the west chop, where you can’t only enjoy the beautiful views but also learn about the history of the island.

The other place to enjoy the beautiful scenes is the beaches which are hidden gems of the MA. The island is home to around 19 beaches, but not all the beaches are open to the public, as some are reserved for the residents of the area or require a beach permit. Still, you’ve plenty of options to choose from.

The sunsets and the sunrise at these beaches are breathtaking, and you can enjoy them by staying for one day at Martha’s Vineyard.


Cape Cod

cape cod

If you are a beach lover, then Cape Cod is the place you shouldn’t miss at all, and the reason is that Cape Cod is home to some of the best beaches in the world where you can enjoy the spectacular views of nature.

The beaches are famous for the golden dunes and the tides which arise on these beaches. These tides are simply worth seeing. Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenes of nature at the sunset or sunrise, there are many activities you can enjoy, such as kayaking and sunbathing in the sand.

The place is home to fantastic lighthouses, and you can climb them through the winding steps and enjoy the beautiful views of the whole place. The other sight that you shouldn’t miss at any cost is whale watching.

You can visit The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, which is home to nearly extinct whales. The best thing to do here is whale watching, but there are other activities too.


Bash Bish Falls

Bash Bish Falls

The bish bash falls are the highest waterfall in the state, and there are simply worth going to. Located in Bash Bish Falls State Park, it can be accessed by hiking.

There are two options for hiking trails but if you pick from the Massachusetts parking lot, keep in mind this hiking trail is quite difficult for a beginner. If you are a beginner, The New York side hike is way easier!

The best time to visit this place is the spring, as the summer season is quite hot, making hiking difficult and increasing the chance of hydration. Make sure to prepare water and snacks and wear proper clothes if you hike from MA.

Sadly, entering the water is prohibited. So swimming is not allowed for safety reasons. But, the scenes at the place are simply worth watching.


Quabbin Reservoir

Quabbin Reservoir

If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful nature place in Massachusetts, head to Quabbin Reservoir. A place that helps you get a full appreciation for nature.

The reservoir has so many trails and scenic views. It is definitely one of the most stunning places in Massachusetts!

Whether you want hiking, walking, or biking, this place is suited for everyone. There are a few spots you could stop and have a picnic if you like. Plus, birdwatching and fishing are other exciting activities offer to you in Quabbin Reservoir.

It is one of the best places to spend your time with family or friends.


The state is full of these places, and the list goes on and on, but if the time is limited, then don’t miss these places at any cost.

You can enjoy every view of nature, such as bird watching at the Parker River National Park, enjoying the sunset and sunrise at the beaches, and hiking through the hills to see the marvelous views of the whole state.

There are several other activities you can enjoy here, and you can enjoy the delicious food that satisfies your taste buds.

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