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12 Fun Things To Do in Tennessee For Couples

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In the south of the United States lies Tennessee, known as the most beautiful and most lively state in the United States. Tennessee’s famous and popular cities, Memphis and Nashville, are heaven for the music lover. You can enjoy the live music and all other entertainment activities.

Apart from the entertainment you can enjoy incredible views of nature and try some fantastic food at the restaurants and cafes. This place is a dream for couples; When it comes to the question of what you can do in Tennessee, the options are plenty.

Tennessee is home to famous tourist destinations and a fantastic choice to visit with your partner. If you and your partner are travelers and love to roam around the world, then this state must be on your bucket list to have the real fan of your life.

If you plan to visit Tennessee, you may be confused about what to hear. You can have a lot of fun, but for this, you need to know where to go and what to do. Don’t worry; we got you covered! We have searched about the 12 things to do in Tennessee for couples so you can make the most of your trips.


Visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Great smoky mountain national park is located at the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. It is a famous tourist destination and is visited by millions of travelers and local people every year.

The great smoky mountain national park is a great place to be seen by couples. The reason is that there are plenty of activities you can do with your partner such as hiking along with the vegetation and going for a long drive with the beautiful scenes.

Apart from these fun activities, you can spend your romantic nights at several accommodations located near the park. These accommodations are specially built for couples with a romantic setting, such as hot tubs where you can spend your private moments with full zest and pleasure.

These accommodations also have well-furnished interiors and panoramic windows to enjoy the scenes of mountains covering the lodges. Thus the Great smoky mountain national park is a fantastic choice to visit for couples where they can enjoy their vacation in the heart of nature away from the outside world.


Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame

Visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame

Credit: diane cordell (Flickr)

Another fun activity to do in Tennessee as a couple is visiting the country hall of fame museum dedicated to music. If you and your partner love the music and its background, then this place is made for you, and believe us that you will enjoy it here the most. Even if you and your partner aren’t big fans of music, you must visit it because the trip to Tennessee is incomplete without it.

Know about the present and past of the music in this museum, and it exhibits the music stars along with almost 3 million artifacts related to the museum. You can do many activities here along with your partner, such as highlighting the museum: Hall of the frame, and visiting the RCA studio B.


Exploring the Titanic Museum

Exploring the Titanic Museum

Credit: Mike Burton (Flickr)

Located in Pigeon Forge, Titanic Museum is a famous tourist destination, and many travelers visit every year. We are biased here, but the titanic museum is made for couples, and we are sure you know the reason. The creators of this museum have invested their time and money in it. The Titanic museum is built in the shape of the titanic ship.

The museum owner went back to the place where the ship sank along with his members and spent 44 days retrieving the parts of the wrecked ship. These parts of the Titanic are displayed in the museum. The collection displayed here is worth around four and a half million dollars.

Apart from exploring the wrecked part, there are many other things you can do, such as touching the original captain’s wheel, watching the footage of the Great Titanic’s sinking, and listening to the curious stories of the survivors. You can also climb a perfect replica of the grand stairs. All these activities with your partner seem fun, right?


Visiting the Nashville Zoo

Visiting the Nashville Zoo

Credit: Sharon Mollerus (Flickr)

Visiting the zoo isn’t only for the children but also for couples! The Nashville zoo is home to several species, such as giraffes and Flamingos. You can capture photographs with the animals and feed them.

Apart from interacting with the animals, there is a zip line situated in the zoo, which is best for some side entertainment. For your information, there is a small entrance fee to the zoo, which goes for the conservation of endangered species.

We recommend visiting for at least three hours for maximum enjoyment.


Enjoy a Helicopter Ride Over Nashville

Enjoy a Helicopter Ride Over Nashville

One of the epic things to do when in Tennessee and precisely in Nashville is to enjoy the helicopter ride over Nashville. This is one of the exciting things you can plan to surprise your partner if there is some celebration such as an anniversary or proposing to your partner.

You can book the helicopter ride over the city for any time of day you want, whether it is evening or night. The tours include flying over famous tourist destinations such as Sylvan Park and Centennial Park. But before executing this plan, make sure you have a reasonable budget along with you.


Visit the Nashville Farmers’ Market

Visit the Nashville Farmers' Market

Credit: Nashville Farmers’ Market

If you and your partner are craving breakfast in Nashville, we suggest you head to the Nashville farmer’s market. You can wake up early and eat breakfast by walking through this market. Apart from breakfast, there are many things you can do here along with your partner.

You can explore the farmer’s market and your partner as there are many local products and things you can buy as a memory of your trip. The market is also inexpensive, and you can also go to the market house to enjoy a cup of coffee to freshen you for the rest of your day.

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Hike at Radnor Lake State Park

Hike at Radnor Lake State Park

The Radnor lake state park is a must-visit place for couples if both are fans of outdoor activities. The Radnor lake state park is 25 minutes away from Nashville’s downtown and is among the prettiest and most famous gardens in Tennesse.

You can hike through the area and enjoy the natural scenery. The park offers good trails, most of which are easy to hike. The park is home to many wildlife and birds, and ready your camera to take amazing pictures. There is a limit on activities to protect the area.

As the park’s name suggests, there is a gorgeous lake situated within the park along with the hiking. You and your partner can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery of the lake.


Visiting the Watts Bar Lake

Watts Bar Lake

Credit: Necropolis Hill (Wikimedia Commons)

Watte bar lake is the perfect place for couples to have a romantic vacation and tranquillity. The lake is situated between Chattanooga and Knoxville. This lake is heaven for couples who love fishing, and it is famous for fishing, apart from the beautiful scenes around the lake.

You can do many water activities with your partner on the lake, such as kayaking and paddling. Sounds exciting, right? Apart from the water activities, there are many famous restaurants in watts bar lake that offer delicious food which you can eat and satisfy your taste buds.


Visiting the Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium

Visiting the Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium

Credit: DM (Flickr)

Among the other popular things to do, visiting the bays mountain park and planetarium shouldn’t be missed. The beautiful garden is located on Bays mountain. The park includes lakes and hiking trails. You can have unique and beautiful scenery in nature while hiking through the park.

There are other exciting activities to do here in the park as a couple, such as a zip line, fishing, and camping. Besides, there is also a nature center and the Planetarium theatre, where the events are held regularly on a weekly and monthly basis. If you get the chance to attend them, avail the opportunity.


Visiting the Ijams Nature Center

Visiting the Ijams Nature Center

Ijams Nature Center is a protected wildlife habitat located near Knoxville. Besides a wildlife habitat, it is also the home to hiking trails within the thick forests. If you and your partner love outdoor activities, you shouldn’t miss the Ijams Nature Center.

You can do many activities here with your partner, such as hiking on the trails with your partner in the thick forests and kayaking in the lakes. You can enjoy the breathtaking scenery here, and the place is excellent for couples who want to have some adrenaline rush.


Have Fun at Adventures Unlimited

Have Fun at Adventures Unlimited

Credit: Adventures Unlimited

Adventures Unlimited is a perfect spot to have the ideal vacation with a lot of fun activities and your partner. The place is perfect for making your vacation as unforgettable as possible. The main activity is whitewater rafting down the Ocoee river with your partner and strangers.

You and your partner can enjoy your nights at the cabin and the bungalow, which are plenty here. If you want to have a natural experience, we suggest you go camping.

If you love adventure activities, you need to visit this place, and it is worth every penny you spend your money on them.


Make Candles at the Candle Bars

Make Candles at the Candle Bars

You have a lot of options of where to go but let us tell you about a cute yet unique activity while in Tennessee and your partner. You can make candles by yourself at the candle bars located in different regions of the state. You can make candles with your partner and create them according to the scent and color you like.

You can take drinks along with you to have the most fun while making the candles, and you can take the candles you’ve created by yourself and gift them to your friends and family while telling them about this unique experience.


So that’s all about the unique and exciting attractions and fun things you can do in Tennessee. The beautiful state is perfect for couples, and it must be on the bucket list of every couple who just loves traveling.

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